And I don't ever have panic attacks. Really, I don't.
  1. Contact lenses
    The truth of the matter is I don't know how to wear glasses (they distort my vision), and I'm essentially blind without my contacts. I'd probably just end up leaving in the same pair for the entire trip, and I'd panic about weird bacteria and eye infections the whole time.
  2. My retainers
    I don't mind going a couple days, but what if this is a 10 day trip? Imagine how much my teeth might shift! Braces are hella expensive.
  3. Underwear/socks
    If I don't have access to a washing machine, this could get really bad. Yes I know I can buy panties at a nearby Target or something but there's always the possibility that I'm camping in a remote location. I would be Screwed with a capital S.
  4. My phone
  5. Phone charger
    Not as bad as leaving my phone behind, but this would just be annoying, terrible, and potentially pricy.
  6. The right bra for a shirt I am excited about wearing
    The shirt is racerback, and I only brought my regular bra. FML.
  7. Hair tie
    I need one with me AT ALL TIMES! It's bad enough if I go a day at the office without one... If I'm on a remote island without one, I will not be a happy camper. (I don't have the $$ or time to go to remote islands, but hypothetically speaking).
  8. Headphones
    My plane/car/bus ride is officially miserable.
  9. Debit/credit card
    I'm okay with no cash, but if I don't have access to it, I'll freak out. I was once in Portugal and my debit card was not working for some reason... I had about $20 to my name and was reduced to stealing food for all meals from the hostel complimentary breakfast.
  10. Passport/drivers license
    Nightmare. Guess I have to go back home now.