The views aren't bad either.
  1. Temescal Canyon
    This is one of my favorite go-to trails. It's challenging, beautiful, and overlooking the ocean. Parking isn't usually too much of a nightmare either.
  2. Escondido Falls
    The first half of this hike isn't too hard, but after you reach the first water fall, you need to use ropes to climb up steep rocks and around sharp bends. Not for the faint of heart to get to the big waterfall, but its beauty makes the getting down and dirty worth it.
  3. Runyon Canyon
    I have to mention this one. Yeah it's ridiculously crowded with the craziest mix of people you've ever seen, but it's a really great workout, especially if you forgo the middle path and take the one to the right or to the left. The left is a real challenge, so only do it if you're feeling especially strong that day.
  4. Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mountain
    I took the drive to Altadena and did this trail by myself one day.. I thought I'd have to be airlifted out of there. This trail is essentially nearly 3 miles straight up hill, but the top is all worth it. After trudging all that way, you will reach the ruins of an old Los Angeles resort called the White City along with the railroad tracks that used to take people up there. If you're a history buff who doesn't mind a climb, this trail is for you.
  5. Fryman Canyon Loop
    It's not too hard of a hike, but it's a really nice elevation and escalation with some beautiful views. This is a good hike is you want something on the quicker side or if you are new to hiking. If you take the trail from the TreePeople headquarters, they have a free parking lot.