I've defined them for you.
  1. Shit storm
    Not literally pieces of poop flying around in a tornado. Can be used to describe a mess of a situation.
  2. Meat sweats
    When you eat so much meat that you get sweaty and uncomfortable while your body tries to digest it. Sometimes happens with food that does not contain meat.
  3. Stick up your ass
    This would be incredibly painful in real life, I assume. Describes someone who is very strict and inflexible.
  4. Puke colored
    In my experience, puke doesn't have just one color, but some terms aren't always logical. Usually describes a dark green, unappealing color. Similar in shade to the vomit in The Exorcist.
  5. Blood is thicker than water
    Obviously it is, and this brings all sorts of gross imagery to mind. It means that family is more important than friends.
  6. Vomitrocious
    Describes something that is so atrocious that you could figuratively vomit. Can be used to describe this non-word.
  7. I will cut you
    Can be used as a literal threat, but is more often used to imply that you will defeat someone in some sort of competition or battle of wits.
  8. Blowing a gasket
    A weird and disgusting way to describe having some sort of angry meltdown.
  9. Pie hole
    Means mouth but makes me think of a butt hole. This might be my own weird thing.
  10. Pit stains
    Just a fact of life and happens to all humans that are not part cyborg or Emma Watson (I just feel like she doesn't get them). Smelly, moist stains on your shirt caused by the sweat in your armpits. Unfortunately visible to those around you. Ew.