These movies/shows are great, so I'm not complaining. Just wanted to point it out.
  1. Mozart & Salieri
    The movie "Amadeus" paints Mozart as an annoying genius who is the mediocre Salieri's greatest rival and obsession. This is pretty much not true.. The two musicians were peaceful contemporaries, and at most, friendly rivals.
  2. Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr
    I'm obsessed with the musical "Hamilton," and it's actually pretty historically accurate... Other than the portrayed friendship between Hamilton and Burr of course. There is no evidence that they were ever friends, and Hamilton actually chose to support Jefferson because he just really didn't like Burr.
  3. Pocahontas & John Smith
    The entire Disney movie is just wrong. Basically none of it happened, except for the invasion of the Native Americans' homeland. Pocahontas did, however, get captured by English and held for ransom. She married an English man named John Rolfe, changed her name to Rebecca Rolfe, and was presented to English society as a "civilized savage," in a sick version of "My Fair Lady." The colors of the wind are looking pretty dull.
  4. Anne & George Boleyn (and all the other guys she was accused of having sex with for that matter)
    It's pretty clear to historians at this point that Anne Boleyn's treason charges were trumped up by Thomas Cromwell to get her off the throne, so Jane Seymour could marry Henry. Still, the book "The Other Boleyn Girl" strongly implies that a Jaime/Cersei Lannister relationship DID exist between the siblings, including some hot threesomes with Frances Weston. Pretty much for sure not true, though it did make for some entertaining reading.
  5. Lucrezia & Cesare Borgia
    Man, these historical fictional retellings really love to lay on the incest. Game of Thrones, way to not be original at all. Anyway, though the siblings were close, there is no evidence whatsoever that the kids of the Pope ever had an incestuous relationship. Sorry.
  6. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
    The media made us believe for a while that this was a real relationship and marriage. Actually Tom Cruise was told by the Scientology gods to find a wife, so he kidnapped Katie and held her against her will. I don't have a source for this but tell me I'm wrong.