I haven't decided if I choose to believe them. Get the full back stories on www.snopes.com/disney/films/films.asp.
  1. Aladdin tells teenager to take off their clothes.
    The line is often misheard as "good teenagers, take off your clothes," when in actuality, Aladdin is saying "good kitty, take off and go." By the way, this is when he is getting cornered by Rajah on Jasmine's balcony. It kind of sounds dirty either way.
  2. A penis was drawn on the cover of "The Little Mermaid" box by a disgruntled artist.
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    Nope, it's just a poorly done drawing by a rushed artist at 4am in the morning. He wasn't angry at Disney or going to be fired. Still, we can't deny that somehow this drawing was produced.
  3. An aroused minister makes an appearance in "The Little Mermaid."
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    In one shot of the hypnotized Eric/Ursula wedding scene, the minister certainly does look aroused. However, in a later shot, we see that the mysterious bump is just his knee. I'm not so sure how "unintended" this was, Snopes...
  4. Donald Duck was banned in Finland for not wearing pants.
    Nope, it was a fake headline back in the late 1970s that turned into a flux of fake headlines. In fact, it apparently led to Disney cartoons becoming more prevalent on Finnish TV.
  5. A cloud of dust forms the word "SEX" in the sky in a scene of "The Lion King."
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    This one actually may not be totally false! Apparently there's the possibility that the letters in the sky were supposed to be "SFX," the abbreviated name of the special effects group that worked on this film. I know this picture is small, but you be the judge.
  6. The names of the seven dwarfs in "Snow White" represent the seven stages of cocaine addiction.
    Of course this isn't true. Who comes up with this stuff? Then again, this is the same studio that made "Alice in Wonderland"...