Basically everything
  1. Travel blogger
    Going to exotic locations and writing about it? Yes please!
  2. Teacher
    The long months of never getting vacation really makes that summer break look fantastic.
  3. Psychologist
    I've been told that I'm good at giving advice. That's all there is to it, right?
  4. Grad student
    I really don't care what I'm studying... Just please bring me back to college!
  5. Yoga instructor
    So they certify people whose downward facing dog is merely adequate?
  6. Paralegal
    Don't actually want to go to law school, but Suits makes law firms look fun!
  7. CIA
    I've actually gone to their employment website just for shits and giggles. It's a really lengthy process to apply, but if it gets me off this desk...
  8. Garbage (wo)man
    Is it weird that I've had a sincere moment or two of being jealous of the garbage man as I headed into the agency hellhole?
  9. Hostel receptionist
    But only if it's in a cool international location. Hawaii would be awesome too.
  10. Investment banker
    Sure they have long hours too, but for every dollar I make, my friends who intelligently went into investment banking are making about $500.