I'm trying something new here and wrote a rhyming poem. I feel like limericks are often depressing and always about the sea.
  1. I once loved a young man named Taylor,
  2. A brave and adventurous sailor.
  3. He went off to sea, but sent letters to me
  4. Each day he was gone, without failure.
  5. I've heard tales of disastrous weather
  6. Causing all mighty ships to untether.
  7. Though uneasiness grew, in my heart I still knew
  8. That once again we'd be together.
  9. For I always remembered his vow
  10. That he'd one day return here somehow.
  11. "My love!" He would cry, a teardrop in his eye,
  12. My dream long a fantasy now.
  13. They say one must forget and forgive,
  14. But long I sat, cold and pensive.
  15. His last letter I save, while denying his grave,
  16. For forever in my soul he shall live.