Only including the main ones. Sorry Mickey, you don't count.
  1. Amy Pond and Rory Williams
    These two go hand-in-hand. Amy is sassy and brave and a fantastic match to travel with the Doctor, and Rory is romantic and way cooler than he seems at first. I cried like a baby first when they permanently got sent back in and second when hallucination Amy came back right before the 11th Doctor's regeneration.
  2. Rose Tyler
    Ah the first companion of the new series and the 10th Doctor's true love (though hardcore Whovians apparently weren't too pleased about that). I loved her even when her accent got really weird when she came back in season 4.
  3. Donna Noble
    This woman was hilarious (minus her weird appearance in the mediocre episode "The Bride"). It was very refreshing to have a strictly platonic companion after the love struck Martha. Her memory loss was devastating though, so I'm choosing to ignore that part of her run.
  4. Martha Jones
    If we're going by the criteria of who had the coolest life after the Doctor, Martha would be number 1. Alas, her time with the Doctor was a little dull. She never did escape Rose's shadow, and her unrequited love for the Doctor got tiresome.
  5. Clara Oswald
    But actually, who even likes Clara? Amy 4eva!