@sjinwards and I took a road trip to Hearst Castle last weekend and discovered the wonders of California outside of Los Angeles.
  1. Cambria, CA
    We needed to get gas and randomly stumbled upon this cute town. Gassed up and delicious burgers consumed, we proceeded to check out the antique stores, art galleries, and gift shops of this amazing place.
  2. An ostrich farm
    Lol what? Very random and a little dangerous... That didn't stop us from purchasing food to feed to the ostriches though.
  3. Hidden Valley Ranch
    Anyone who knows @sjinwards knows that she is OBSESSED with ranch dressing. Like, she would marry it if her bf wouldn't get upset about it. We found the real Hidden Valley Ranch (presumably), and met some nice man who we thought was coming out to yell at us for loitering. Here is SJ in her happy place.
  4. A candy store
    I love candy about as much as SJ loves ranch dressing. We were going to see Mad Max, and this place was just magically next door.
  5. Solvang, CA
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    Okay this wasn't exactly a surprise we just stumbled on per say, but it for sure was not part of the original plan. If you didn't know, there's an entire Dutch town that exists in California, horses and buggies included.