A lot of talk has been floating around about a ListApp party in LA, so let's make this happen! Thanks to @mandi for the awesome planning list idea.
  1. Potential date: Sat. April, 11?
    This date was thrown out earlier and seemed to work. Any other date suggestions?
  2. Location ideas?
    @benkorell made a really great list of suggestions, so check that out! Also feel free to chime in with any other ideas.
  3. Spread the word!
    Everyone in LA at the time should be there!
  4. Ok wait I totally failed bc @bonifaceviii and I have a thing the night of 4/11. (My fault, I think my cal ate it) Options: Fri 4/10 or Sun 4/12 or - maybe easiest/least scary for folks - like a 5pm happy hour on 4/11 and then people can have an escape hatch if they need/want one? Or a Sun happy hr?
    Sorry to be a jerk who is like WAIT I HATE THAT DATE I INTIALLY SUGGESTED, clearly I am a failure but I swear I am super fun at parties...
    Suggested by @mandi
  5. I'm keeping this going. Should we say Sun 4/12 at like 6ish somewhere central?
    @Grosstastic @dev @sophia @shannon @zoe (if you're here) @stamos @videodrew @benkorell and everyone else who I can't remember is in LA!
    Suggested by @mandi