If any of these guys are on the app... How you doin?
  1. Tom Felton
    I wrote him a love letter in middle school because I'm pretty sure he was my sexual awakening.
  2. Matt Damon
    He just seems like such a gentlemen.
  3. Matt Smith
    I'd prefer if he came to the door dressed like the 11th Doctor.
  4. David Bowie
    You can ziggy my stardust any day.
  5. Andrew Garfield
    Just adorable.
  6. Jeff Goldblum
    I feel like it would be a classy date and not so classy when we got back home.
  7. Ben Whishaw
    So sexy and British, and he kind of looks like a tortured poet.
  8. Dave Franco
    He cracks me up, and I like a hot man with a sense of humor.
  9. Olivia Wilde
    I have an unreal girl crush on this woman.
  10. Jame & Oliver Phelps
    It would be my dream to go out with the Wesley twins. Let's go make some mischief.
  11. Samira Wiley
    Girl crush #2. She's so hot I can't handle it.
  12. Christian Bale
    There are very few people who make me swoon when they come onscreen every time. Bale manages it even when he looks scruffy and homeless.
  13. Ben Feldman
    I bet he's such a nice guy. Plus he has great teeth.
  14. Eli Roth
    Another Jew and most likely tortured? Well I love horror movies anyway. Please come dressed as the Bear Jew.
  15. John Mayer
    This probably wouldn't work out in the long run, but I'd like to see what the fuss is about.
  16. Bob Dylan
    I'm sure he has so many great stories of the days of yonder. Based on the interviews I've seen, I don't think I'll understand a word he says, but that's the price of going out with a genius.
  17. Benedict Cumberbatch
    This would just be the greatest date in the history of all dates, and I want it to happen now.