She da best @averyepstein
  1. Us in Portugal. She's adorably grabbing her face in joy.
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  2. We went to Carnivale in Cadiz and were Minnie Mouse and the Strawberry respectively.
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  3. Then somehow we found a group of Minnies and Strawberries.
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    What are the odds?
  4. Us being baller in our shoebox of a room in Sevilla
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  5. Us being adorable
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  6. Bebes Robados
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    Why was I always the only one who could keep a straight face?
  7. You can't tell from this pic but we were all about to throw up from the smell of the tanneries in Morocco.
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  8. We imitated statues a lot.
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  9. And danced ballet in front of historical structures.
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  10. ❤️
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