I'm not saying that all people who take these types of pictures suck. I'm just saying they might suck.
  1. Solo selfies
    There was some study that said that guys who take selfies are sociopaths. I can't look at selfies the same way again.
  2. Shirtless pictures
    Cool you're ripped. And conceited maybe? Or you're possibly just showing pride in your body, which is great, but I'm still skeptical of you.
  3. Pictures of your protein shake next to running shoes
    Great, you work out. Cool. I'm insecure now.
  4. Pictures of your frappuccino next to running shoes
    This picture is made infinitely worse if you have a caption like "just ran 7 miles. #earnedit."
  5. Solo mirror selfies
    This is somehow worse than a normal selfie for reasons I'm not sure of.
  6. Solo mirror shirtless selfies
    I'm more than just a little skeptical of you.
  7. People who don't smile in any pictures
    It's just a little unsettling to me, okay?
  8. Picture of your baby instead of you
    Suggested by @erichutchinson
  9. Selfie with your baby crying in the background.
    No, really. This happens.
    Suggested by @EricElkins