A love letter to pizza in the form of the Jack Prelutsky poem, "Homework! Oh Homework!"
  1. Pizza! Oh Pizza!
  2. I love you! You rock!
  3. I wish I could eat you
  4. Til 12 strikes the clock,
  5. If only a truck
  6. Would bring hundreds of you.
  7. Pizza! Oh Pizza!
  8. My love is so true.
  9. If I had the option
  10. Of rides and balloons,
  11. Or to go to a zoo
  12. And see lions and baboons,
  13. Eat ice cream and candy
  14. Until my gut bursts,
  15. I'd rather eat pizza
  16. Before all of that first.
  17. Pizza! Oh Pizza!
  18. You're first on my list,
  19. The world is so lucky
  20. That you even exist,
  21. Pepperoni and sausage
  22. Taste better than cock.
  23. Pizza! Oh Pizza!
  24. I love you! You rock!