Spoilers of course
  1. Why is Betty's reaction so bland when Don spills out his guts about his former life as Dick Whitman?
  2. Were the Hiltons consulted about Connie's portrayal?
  3. They're ACTUALLY firing Sal??
  4. Will we ever see him again???
  5. Why did they bring in this unnecessary backstory lady from Roger's past?
  6. Holy crap, did that lawnmower fiasco really just go down?
  7. Did Peter rape that German girl?
  8. Why is Peter such a weasel?
  9. Why am I actually disappointed when they choose Ken to be head of accounts over Peter?
  10. Will Joan ever leave that loser of a husband?
  11. Can Joan just get a real, ass-kicking job yet?
  12. Eww Peggy, you choose to sleep with Duck of all people?
  13. Is that a tattoo I see on Duck's shoulder?
  14. Did people even get tattoos back then?
  15. Maybe he was in prison?
  16. Is anyone else really annoyed with this teacher Don is sleeping with?
  17. But seriously, who goes running at 4am?
  18. Was Bobby recast?
  19. Is the new actor that annoying kid from Once Upon A Time?
  20. Why is Betty being such a bitch to Don? Minus the cheating, he's trying!
  21. Are we ever going to see Rachel again?
  22. Does anyone else hope Cooper will randomly break out into a song from "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying?"
  23. On that note, do you ever feel like the secretary pool might randomly break out into " A Secretary is Not a Toy" one day?