The LA ListApp party last night made me realize how much I really appreciate this app and all of you. Thanks @dev and @bjnovak for a really stellar contribution to the world of apps.
  1. Everyone is friendly and open
    I was having some major social anxiety before the party, but the second I got there, I felt comfortable talking with every one of you. You're all great! This goes for interactions I've had on lists too.
  2. It reminds me I like to write
    I used to love writing, but somewhere in the wake of college and real life, I stopped doing it for pleasure. Now, writing lists all the time has reminded me why I used to write in the first place. ListApp is the perfect medium for organizing my ideas.
  3. I've learned so much from all of you
    You are all intelligent, hilarious, thoughtful, and bring so much knowledge and your own unique skills to the table. Reading lists is not only a pleasure, but it's also informative!
  4. Everyone here is supportive
    When I needed help with my Seder, I was blown away by the number of responses, and I actually ended up using @gabimoskowitz's delicious charoset recipe! Also, @mandi your industry advice has been so helpful (and we still have more to discuss)!
  5. I feel like I'm part of a cult
    Why is this a good thing? Well, when the cult is this awesome...
  6. It's a really positive environment
    I was discussing this with @Grosstastic, @sjinwards, and @dev last night. Maybe it won't be forever, but at least for now, I've noticed that all of the lists are devoid of hatred or negativity. Plus one for ListApp, minus one for the rest of social media!
  7. It's made me a better writer
    Believe it or not, writing lists all the time has actually improved my writing abilities. It also doesn't hurt that I want to sound intelligent for all you brainiacs out there.
  8. ListApp is a great place to discover new acquaintances and friends
    Yes I'm sappy. No I don't care.