Weekend date with @sjinwards
  1. Xanadu from "Citizen Kane" was based on it.
    How cool is that? I'm a film weirdo and LOVE "Citizen Kane."
  2. It kind of seems like a USA version of Versailles.
    Unfortunately the United States was built on some crap called democracy, and we never had the cool castles that come with monarchies. This is probably the closest thing we have.
  3. Gardens!
    I love gardens!
  4. Wait, are there ZEBRAS there??
    Please tell me the pictures aren't lying to me.
  5. There is something very poetic about decaying, abandoned decadence.
    You know, other than the hundreds of tourists that pass through every day and the preservation people that make sure everything looks perfect.
  6. Four hour road trip
    @sjinwards Can we stop for McFlurries?
  7. Me forcing @sjinwards to listen to prog rock and Nirvana and @sjinwards forcing me to listen to rap and top 40 music
    We really expand each other's musical horizons.
  8. I hear there are sea lions nearby!