I'm not proud of this list, but it all needs to be said.
  1. I begrudgingly admit their pop songs are catchy.
    And this is speaking as someone who doesn't even really like pop music. I've already watched the "Steal My Girl" music video twice since seeing it for the first time yesterday. What's wrong with me?
  2. "Night Changes"
    Wait, how is this the same bubblegum pop band that I used to roll my eyes at? This song sounds more like The Eagles, and they have some killer harmonies going on there.
  3. Hot damn! When did Harry start looking like a sexy '70s rocker?
    He looks like the Jim Morrison/Jimmy Page hybrid of my dreams. I'm allowed to be attracted to him, right? Just call me Caroline the Cougar.
  4. "Ready to Run"
    Here's another just flat out good song. Is it possible that the men of 1D have been genuinely musically talented this whole time?
  5. Apparently two of them write a lot of the songs.
    I want to say it's Liam and Louis (I'll probably have to legitimately learn their names if I become a real fan). So they are genuinely musically talented after all!
  6. Harry dancing with Kristen Wiig at the SNL after party
    He looks so fun, carefree and confident. I want those arms wrapped around me. And great, I feel creepy again.
  7. Hold up, when did they ALL start looking like sexy rockers?
    At least they're all over 20, right?
  8. Suddenly I understand the whole "depression over Zayn leaving" thing
    It kind of seems like he had the best voice. Oh well, guess I was a little too late to this party.