Let's do this!
  1. Great way to make new friends
    I already feel like I'm virtually meeting so many awesome people from ListApp, and this would be a great opportunity to foster some real-life friendships.
  2. We can share all our crazy ideas in person
    ListApp is filled with intelligent, creative, like-minded people. What happens when a group like this all gets together? Let's find out!
  3. Networking opportunity
    This sounds lame, but it could be a great networking opportunity, whether for social or career purposes.
  4. To find new drinking buddies
    Personally, I think all of the drinks at this party should be from the cocktail recipe book "Tequila Mockingbird."
  5. Because the community is still small enough
    And we're not even all in the same city... There are definitely few enough people to fit into one bar, right? Especially if there's a party per each major city represented (though this may be getting ambitious).
  6. Just because
    Parties are fun, and everyone likes them. Why not?
  7. Please refer to my recent list!
    Suggested by @benkorell