It's a miracle!
  1. The theme song is ridiculously catchy.
    No joke, it's been stuck in my head all day.
  2. The humor is similar to 30 Rock, but still unique.
    Either way I was cracking up. Fans of 30 Rock will definitely be on board.
  3. Pop culture jokes abound.
    I laughed really hard at a Kaiser Soze joke and then noticed my roommate didn't catch it. I felt cool.
  4. It's just the right amount of goofy.
    Just wait until you get to the musical "Daddy's Boy."
  5. The cameos are unreal.
    I don't want to spoil anything here, but trust me when I say there are some fantastic cameos. Watch to find out!
  6. Tituss Burgess
    That man can sing!
  7. Ellie Kemper
    In someone else's shoes, Kimmy might have been annoying. Ellie is funny, adorable, and beyond lovable.
  8. Holy crap, is that Carol Kane?
    This show includes some acting legends too!
  9. It's got heart.
    This sounds cheesy, but it's a really joyful show, and you can't help but catch some of Kimmy's optimism.
  10. It's all on Netflix.
    It's... Right... There! Just turn it on instead of Friends one day.
  11. It will take you no time to watch.
    There are 13 half hour episodes in season 1. That's pretty much nothing, and I promise you'll be sad there's not more to watch.
  12. Just because, okay?