1. It's a British show, and everyone loves a good British accent
    There's a scientific study that proves that a British accent increases someone's hotness level by 30%. I have no backing for this.
  2. It's a modern day Twilight Zone
    Twilight Zone is awesome. Black Mirror is similar but with hour long episodes and without the hokey 1960s-ness of its predecessor.
  3. It's sci-fi, but still creepily realistic
    This show is more terrifying than The Ring. I can easily envision all of the episodes actually happening in the near future. Yikes.
  4. The whole series so far is on Netflix
    No excuse, people!
  5. Hayley Atwell is in an episode
    That's Agent Carter for those of you who don't know.
  6. Wow, Jon Hamm is in it too!
    Fill that Mad Men void.