Full disclosure (mostly)
  1. First cheek kiss
    In kindergarten, there was this boy that loved to hug me for some reason. One day he went so far as to kiss my cheek. Scandalous.
  2. First kiss with a girl
    Also kindergarten. My friend and I were curious.
  3. First boyfriend
    My 6th grade crush, though my parents wouldn't let me actually go on any dates. He was my first snowball pick at my Bat Mitzvah.
  4. First closed-mouth kiss with a boy
    It was at camp right after 8th grade. It was 4th of July, and we kissed for ten seconds underneath the fireworks. I was given the nickname "Ten Secs" that summer.
  5. First time making out with a boy
    New Years Eve freshman year of high school. He was the cool camp friend of a guy in my friend group. I specifically remember him taking his gum out of his mouth right before... I was very excited when I realized what was happening.
  6. First time making out with a girl
    It was during game of spin the vibrator. A friend of mine had gotten me a pink, sparkly vibrator for my 18th birthday, and a group of us thought it would be a fun idea to play this interesting variation of spin the bottle.
  7. First time making out with more than five people in one night
    It was during that game of spin the vibrator.
  8. First time having sex
    The story of how I lost my virginity deserves a list of its own. In short, it was with a "music producer" I met in LA one summer when I was here for an internship. I think he liked me because I was interested in the fact that he liked Dungeons and Dragons. I got bored with him after, which he did not take well at all. Essentially, I ended up having to lie that I went back to school way earlier than I did.