I get over this feeling pretty quickly once I start a new show.
  1. Mad Men
    I was really late to the game with Mad Men, but this is my most recent loss. I'm in deep dark mourning over it. Don't talk to me.
  2. Breaking Bad
    It was so perfect! No other TV show will ever match up! *Enter Mad Men into my life*
  3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    The "season 8" comics are not enough. Did Buffy really love Spike? Why did Anya have to die?? Why does everything I love end???
  4. Rome
    It's kind of hilarious how much they sped up the second half of the second season since they knew they were getting cancelled. Still I'm so upset there wasn't more of this show! There would be no Game of Thrones without Rome, for all of you who don't care about my sadness.
  5. Freaks & Geeks
    Your life was so short. I'm not over it.
  6. Doctor Who
    I'm aware this is still on the air, but I'm still mourning the loss of Matt Smith. It's been very hard for me to move on.
  7. Twilight Zone
    How have I literally gone through every good episode?! Only the ones that didn't age very well are left :(.
  8. Friends
    I just want about 10 more seasons. Is that so much to ask?