No I didn't buy any of the 21 day programs or books. I just decided to not eat sugar for 21 days, considering I generally consume sugar like a heroin addict shoots up heroin.
  1. That afternoon slump that makes me fall asleep at my desk? Mostly gone
    Look, it's not as if I suddenly have all the energy in the world, and I'm now working at my desk like a jackrabbit. It's just that no after lunch chocolate = no sugar crash.
  2. Fewer headaches (at least after the first few days)
    I this also goes hand in hand with the lack of sugar crash. I did have a constant headache the first few days of cutting out sugar though, which I'm guessing was withdrawal (how embarrassing).
  3. Meals are harder to figure out
    I'm not exactly a "plan meals ahead of time" kind of girl, so reading ingredients, figuring out what has added sugar, etc. has been a bit of a struggle.
  4. Coffee tasted worse and then got better
    Did I mention I cut out chemical sweeteners too? Goodbye Splenda, hello trying to taste the natural sweetness of the milk in my coffee. The most shocking part of this is how much I'm getting used to it.
  5. Fruit tastes delicious now
    It was always good, but now it tastes like a godsend.
  6. I'm socially less fun
    Why else would my friends keep asking me when this stupid cleanse ends? I've been dutifully chowing down on apples while everyone else scarfs the delicious brownies my roommate made. Even worse, I can't have any of that jungle juice. It'll be a vodka soda for me.
  7. I'm more productive
    Cutting out sugar has made me want to exercise more, to study for the GRE, to volunteer, and the list goes on. Maybe it's something about feeling more in control of my life, or some crap like that.
  8. My belly looks flatter(?)
    Actually that's probably the tan from going to the beach last weekend, but a girl can dream.
  9. I feel mentally healthier
    As corny as this sounds, I feel like this sugar cleanse helped my mental health too. Again, it just gives me the brief allusion of having a little more control in my life.
  10. I'm looking forward to eating chocolate again
    But staying strong until then!