I'm always envious of people who have these abilities, but at least it encourages me to push myself.
  1. Sketching/drawing/painting
    Somehow my shaky hand is never able to create on a canvas what I'm thinking in my mind. I took a painting class in college to try and rectify that, but my greatest masterpiece from that was a giant ear painting. I guess it's a start.
  2. Ability to stop thinking about what others might be thinking about me.
    It's shockingly inhibitive. I'm pretty sure the person I'm talking to would like me more if I were less concentrated on how weird my hands look folded in my lap like that.
  3. Spontaneity to drop what I'm doing, hop on a plane, and travel somewhere. Anywhere.
    My mom has this friend who, when she was my age, just decided to go to India one day. She traveled around for a while before becoming a fitness instructor in Japan when she needed money. I wish I could do that. Yes I know it's just me holding myself back, but not everyone has that kind of gumption!
  4. Writing a full-length novel that touches someone's life the way so many books have touched mine.
    When I think about the fact that Victor Hugo was exiled from France because of his beliefs and that he wrote the friggin' Hunchback of Notre Dame to protect a historical structure, I feel like my life has no meaning. Also, how the hell was Joseph Heller able to portray the atrocities and hypocrisies of war in such a hilarious style? I want to know the key to powerful articulation of important ideas (other than all of my very obviously important lists).
  5. Dancing
    No, not club dancing or bouncing around at a concert. I mean those beautiful modern and/or ballet dancers that dedicate their lives to the craft. They are all so graceful and make it look effortless. It doesn't hurt that dancing gives them a banging body too.
  6. Dating
    This is a weird one, but it really is a skill. I've never been good at "the game," small talk is exhausting, and I just want to skip all that beginning get to know you part. I'm jealous of those people who manage to find a date for every night of the week and have enough energy, no, are actually excited to go on all of them.
  7. Speaking confidently as if I know what I'm talking about when I don't
    Ah the art of the bullshit. I don't have it. I don't speak up unless I'm sure of everything that's about to come out of my mouth. Okay, yes, I guess that's a very honest way to live life, but if we're being real, the ability to bullshit a little is a great skill for basically any career or heated political conversation.
  8. Acting
    I was a theater kid in high school, but only because of the singing. All actors here, I don't understand how you do what you do. I'm way too aware of myself when I try, if that makes any sense at all.
  9. Keeping in better touch with people
    I can be selfish and uncommunicative, which is not conducive for maintaining cross country relationships. Out of sight out of mind is very common for me. Still, I refuse to sit back and just accept something like this about myself. This is skill I'm working really hard at, so everyone from my high school Israel trip, get ready for a Facebook message from your long lost pal, Caroline.