What was popular in 7th grade is now suddenly popular again. It's a good thing I never get rid of old clothes.
  1. Birkenstocks
    But, like, why though? Yes they are extremely comfy. Yes, I still have my old pair in case I get plantar fasciitis or something. Still, I find it weird that they're fashionable again.
  2. Flair jeans
    I can deal with this. They hide my rather larger, muscular man calves.
  3. Floral tops/dresses
    Does this mean I get to go back to being a hippie again?? I got over this phase about 7 years ago, but the new fashion trends are forcing me to relapse.
  4. Choker necklaces
    I keep seeing chokers again for some reason. Not a flattering look for me, but I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a time when I used to wear one religiously.
  5. Leather biker jacket
    I've had one of these for YEARS, and it is one of the greatest additions I ever made to my closet. I used to feel like such a badass before they became mainstream *turns her nose up*.
  6. Flannel
    Again, I've been wearing flannel since it was popular the first time. This has everything to do with fashion choices and absolutely nothing to do with comfort/laziness.
  7. Crop tops
    I have a whole drawer of crop tops for when I cut out chocolate for at least two weeks. This drawer usually goes untouched.