I hadn't seen one trailer or the other Mad Max movies before seeing this one.
  1. Max chomping down on a live lizard. This is the hero of our story.
  2. The gross old blistering man-bear-pig Twisty from American Horror Story-like villain
  3. Why is Charlize Theron still hot when literally every single other Citadel person is basically rotting?
  4. The guitarist riding on the car. Weirdest. Fucking. Part.
  5. The way all the white creature fighter thingies sprayed their mouths with chrome.
  6. Max being a blood bag for the white alien people
  7. Holy crap, is that Nicholas Hoult?? I could not tell this whole time.
  8. The crows on stilts. That whole scene felt strangely like a Poe story.
  9. Who knew sensory overload could be so awesome?? I want drugs now.
  10. Women's motor cycle gang!! Woohooo didn't see that coming!
  11. Literally I thought this movie was going to be a slightly futuristic Fast & The Furious, so basically the whole thing was a WTF moment.
  12. That didn't make it not fantastic. Go see it.
  13. Side note: Everything about Tom Hardy is giny-tingling.
  14. The fact that the super fat bad guy's nipples were pierced together and his shirt was cut Regina George style to expose them to the world
    Suggested by @minirachel