If I had any artistic ability or knowledge of engineering, designing ride lines would be my dream career. Most of this list is Disney because you know, Disney.
  1. Expedition Everest - Animal Kingdom
    Those Disney Imagineers brought in Nepalese experts to design the "Yeti museum" that you walk through in the queue. The authentic artificers and design make you feel as if you are in a real Everest base camp. This ride is in the 2011 Guinness Book of World Record as the most expensive roller coaster in the world, so you know it has to be good.
  2. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey - Universal Islands of Adventure
    Let's throw Universal a bone here. The set designers of the Harry Potter films created a near exact replica of many of the classrooms and hallways of Hogwarts, including staples such as the Mirror of Erised and the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. It's truly an immersive experience, and one that made me not even mind the two hour wait for the actual ride.
  3. Tower of Terror - Disney's Hollywood Studios
    The Florida version is better than the California version... Sorry! Maybe it's the smooth jazz in the background, the forgotten chess set, or the cobwebs, but you can't walk through this queue without really feeling like you've been thrown back in time to a 1930s haunted hotel. The detail is breathtaking, and if you're a Twilight Zone fan, you may be able to spot some TZ Easter eggs (such as Henry Bemis' broken glasses).
  4. Indiana Jones Adventure - Disneyland
    As you walk through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, you'll notice that absolutely no stone goes unturned in this line design. Everything from the floor to the ceiling is amazingly detailed, from the fossils to the dimly lit lanterns. Make sure you pull on the rope that has the sign that says not to pull on it.
  5. Poseidon's Fury - Universal Islands of Adventure
    Another great Universal attraction, this one is not a ride, but a tour/show. The detail inside of Poseidon's temple is breathtaking, and the special water and fire effects of the show itself are fantastic.
  6. Splash Mountain - Magic Kingdom/Disneyland
    The queue here is an old plantation- ahem- I mean farm in the country. The props and signs throughout the line are really fun and successfully set the mood. The banjo music in the background also helps guests get into the spirit.
  7. Space Tours - Disneyland
    I'm not sure if everyone would agree with me on this one, but I think the space style airport terminal is awesome, complete with the arrivals/departures board. I also love the interactive droids that are designed to make you feel like they're talking directly to you.
  8. Toy Story Midway Mania - Disney's Hollywood Studios/California Adventure
    This ride tends to have at least a two hour long wait, so at least the line is cool. You basically wander through Andy's room as if you are toy-sized, passing a large, talking Mr. Potato Head, large crayons, and games. Still, in my opinion, the wait is not always worth the ride.