Going in with no movie in mind always ends badly.
  1. So excited to stay in and watch a movie tonight!
  2. I know, I'll browse through Netflix!
    I'm sure the movie I'm meant to watch tonight will just jump out at me.
  3. Look through all the new releases
    I have been meaning to watch Wolf of Wall Street. Yikes, look at that run time though...
  4. Go to the classics section to find a movie I should watch for my film education
    Ugh these all look so boring. Okay, I'm not in the mood for this. I'll just go with something entertaining.
  5. Browse through romantic comedies
    This is just making me depressed I'm home watching Netflix instead of out with a boyfriend. Moving on.
  6. Search the regular comedies section
    I've never heard of any of these, and the others I've seen. Meh they all look unfunny.
  7. Try dramas/thrillers
    Ugh I feel like watching none of these.
  8. Maybe I should start a new show instead. I've heard Peaky Blinders is supposed to be good!
  9. Watch the first 30 seconds of Peaky Blinders
    Do I really have the energy right now to start a completely new show? I'll try again another time.
  10. Shit, how is it 11:30pm already?
    If I start a movie now, I won't make that early morning yoga class I committed to and most definitely am going to go to.
  11. Watch Friends reruns
    Well, this is as good as any.
  12. Watch Friends reruns until 3 in the morning
    So much for yoga.