By "out" I mean to a bar, club, or party. Maybe the sometimes date too.
  1. I know EXACTLY what I'm going to wear. No need to start getting ready too early.
  2. Crap this doesn't look as good on as it did in my mind...
  3. Ugh that other top that would have been perfect is stained.
  4. Maybe no one will notice the stain?
  5. Nope it's driving me crazy. Can't wear it.
  6. Alright I'm trying on a dress.
  7. Except now I look like I'm trying too hard and besides, it's like 5 degrees out.
  8. Does it matter what shirt I'm wearing if I wear my cute new booties?
  9. I'll go chic casual in a cotton t-shirt over jeans. I'm a cool girl now.
  10. Eeeeh not so cool. I look like I'm going to a baseball game, but not as one of those sexy baseball girls who can really pull off the sporty look.
  11. These jeans are doing nothing good for my thighs...
  12. Okay screw this. Back to outfit one. I'm starting my makeup now so I can't change.
  13. Alright, makeup is done with ten minutes to spare.
  14. I still really don't like this outfit.. Can I carefully take it off without smudging makeup on it?
  15. Nope.
  16. Fuck it, I'm putting on sweatpants on watching Netflix (which actually creates a whole new dilemma... THE STAGES OF BROWSING NETFLIX FOR A MOVIE )