It's tougher than I expected.
  1. Selling furniture
    I clearly don't know how to do this Craigslist thing. I just need to sell a nice dining room table to someone who won't pay me pennies. Is that too much to ask?
  2. Telling friends/roommates
    It's not an easy conversation to have. It feels a little like a breakup.
  3. Packing
    What do I do with all the random crap I've accrued? I don't want to throw it away but I sure as hell don't know how to pack it up. This seems like a whole lot of overwhelming work.
  4. Money spent on shipping a car and other stuff
    Great, just because I've decided to move, I'm now in debt. Fantastic.
  5. Random moments of feeling like I'm making the wrong decision
    I've been working towards one thing my whole life only to discover it's not for me. I've never felt so confused about my next steps, but I just need to keep telling myself I'm doing the right thing.
  6. Realizing how much I actually like LA
    Weather, hiking, entertainment billboards, some of the most random people you'll ever meet, some of the worst people and some of the best. Chicago is awesome but just not nearly as exciting.
  7. The idea that I'll have to get used to a new normal
    Which will be unemployment for a while, changing seasons, and no Bachelorette nights.
  8. Starting over
    It's a struggle but kind of exciting too. I wish those online career aptitude tests were accurate.