This is assuming that you a) don't have a TSA pre-check number, and b) that you didn't get selected for the intense screening process. That deserves a list of its own.
  1. Awkwardly taking out your ID and holding your wallet and boarding pass, and then having to quickly stuff it back in your bag before screening
    From your your luggage, to ID, to wallet, to boarding pass, it's just too much for two hands. Plus for some reason I always feel the need to rush so the person in back of me doesn't get annoyed.
  2. Taking your laptop out of your bag
    This leads to more bins which = more dishevelment. Also my underwear always seems to fall out of the bag too.
  3. The person in front of your has smelly feet
  4. You have smelly feet
  5. The uncomfortable pat down
    Yes I have metal zippers on my bands. Please don't touch me.
  6. The all around dishevelment of putting yourself back together
    This is another situation where I always feel the need to move quickly. Get my shoes on, my laptop back in my bag, my coat on, my purse over my shoulder, my roller bag ready to go... It's a complete nightmare.
  7. Getting hot and sweaty from all of the above
    I don't know about you, but lifting my bag, taking on and off my shoes, getting all my stuff together, and feeling nervous the whole time makes me really hot and sweaty like I ran 4 miles. This probably means I should exercise more.