These books were surprisingly educational.
  1. The difference between literally and figuratively
    If you're literally jumping for joy, you are so happy that you're physically jumping up and down. If you're figuratively jumping for joy, you're so happy that you COULD be jumping but you're saving your energy.
  2. The term "meanwhile, back at the ranch,"
    I use it in everyday conversation now. It basically means you are returning to a former story thread that you had paused in order to tell a different story thread.
  3. The moral of World War I
    Never assassinate Archduke Ferdinand.
  4. The definition of the word "rickety"
    I didn't know it in 4th grade before I read The Bad Beginning.
  5. The difference between rational and irrational fears
    Some fears make sense and some fears don't. For example, being afraid of realtors is an irrational fear.
  6. The expression "making a mountain out of a molehill"
    Making a big deal out of something that is actually a small deal.
  7. The meaning of "Memento Mori"
    It means "Remember you will die." Pretty sure Game of Thrones got Valar Morgulis from this.
  8. "Jumping to conclusions" can be just as dangerous as "jumping off a cliff"
  9. "The sad truth is that the truth is sad."
  10. The meaning of the sugar bowl
    Just kidding... I still don't get it.