My weekends are reserved for Netflix, and I'm not sure why I ever try to tell myself otherwise.
  1. Clean my room/change my sheets
    I'm an animal.
  2. Study for the GRE
    I barely want to take it anymore, plus studying after college is haaaaard.
  3. Get my eyebrows waxed
    I repeat, I'm an animal.
  4. Grocery shop
    Only when I'm living on stale almonds and pickles does this finally happen.
  5. Do laundry
    Animals don't wear clean underwear.
  6. Cook for the week
    Oops didn't grocery shop. I guess this can't happen.
  7. Wash my hair
    At least it's curly and doesn't get greasy, so I can get away with it.
  8. Skype that friend that I keep telling I'll Skype
    Can we reschedule again? I'm just soooo busy avoiding the other things I need to do.
  9. Put the duvet I had dry cleaned back on the bed
    You may be asking how I both dropped off and picked it up from the dry cleaners in the first place when I'm clearly lazy as shit. The duvet sat at the cleaners for a good 3 months, to answer your question.
  10. Do a planned, fun activity, i.e. that living social deal for pirate dinner theater.
    I fucking love pirates. I blame the people I invited who were less than gun-ho that we haven't gone yet.