1. The fact that I need to give myself at least 30 extra minutes before I need to be someplace in order to find parking.
  2. Why are parking structures such a phenomenon here? Unless I'm going to Bed, Bath & Beyond, I'm stuck in circling the block hell.
  3. All these downtown buildings are empty. Why doesn't the city turn them into parking structures?
  4. When I have my turn signal on and the guy next to me refuses to either speed up or slow down, making it impossible to move over.
  5. When I'm stuck in inexplicable, insufferable traffic when I've left work the same time each day and have never had this problem.
  6. Seriously, I don't see any ambulance lights. Why am I sitting in a parking lot?
  7. Oh right, the Oscars are on Sunday and goddamn all of Hollywood Blvd is already closed down.
  8. All the really nice cars speeding past me and making obnoxious vroom noises. I'm not going to be jealous of your car when you're acting like an asshole about it.
  9. My Prius has better gas mileage anyway.
  10. That was such an LA sentence. I've become one of them.
  11. There's a green arrow and the person in the front of the line isn't paying attention. 😡😡
    Suggested by @ruddybuddy