Then it all goes to hell.
  1. My closet
    No joke, I have spent four hours before going through my entire closet, folding every article of clothing I have. A week later, all my shirts and pants are stuffed in messily again.
  2. My desk
    Where did all this paper come from?? I don't even use paper! Why is it everywhere????
  3. My room
    The floor will only be visible for six days at a time. Then it somehow becomes invisible for six months.
  4. My car
    Between my yoga mat, different coats for different types of coats for all types of weather, old coffee cups, and other crap that somehow appeared, I barely have room for passengers.
  5. My purse
    Every time I clear the clutter out in my purse, gum wrappers, loose change, and more paper (seriously, is there some paper manufacturer punking me?) quickly weigh it down again.
  6. My clean laundry basket
    Not sure when I decided to stop folding my clothes and just live out of a plastic bin. My closet really shouldn't be as messy as it is considering.