If you aren't familiar with the story, you can read it here http://m.imgur.com/a/WDwyW
  1. WTF mate.. Is this actually true??
    The plot twists and character development are insane.
  2. I came away rooting for Zola.
    She's pretty badass, and it's cool that she's so openly sharing this crazy story.
  3. But at the same time, she kind of fucked over Jess...
    In and out of the story. Couldn't she at least have changed her name?
  4. Has anyone heard of this "Z" guy getting arrested?
    According to Zola, it was some big news when it happened. This would lend some credibility to her own story.
  5. It's interesting how Twitter can be a platform for long form storytelling.
    I've never seen anything like this before, but I bet this may set the stage for future narratives.
  6. I feel like a lot of illegal stuff happened if this is all true.
    Isn't Zola indicting herself? Considering she was pimping out a woman...
  7. Apparently she deleted the tweets, so she maybe didn't want this to blow up.
    That's what you get for publicly sharing your story in a creative way.
  8. How long until the movie comes out?
    I'm shocked Deadline hasn't reported a casting announcement yet.