Coming from someone who doesn't know much Nirvana music and was never a Kurt Cobain fanatic
  1. The home footage feels extremely invasive, yet I can't turn away.
    I know Courtney gave her permission and all, but something felt really wrong about watching both of them, half naked and high, in their own home.
  2. Kurt was a genius with words and lyrics.
    Even just his private journey entries (again, which were invasively revealed) prove how masterfully he could capture emotion and depth through language. He was a true poet whose lyrics were more personal than Bob Dylan's.
  3. How horrible that both his parents made him feel completely unwanted.
    Though his entire being cant be reduced to just looking to fill the void that his parents created. Still, it's a start to understanding where that loneliness and isolation came from.
  4. Wow, this music is really good!
    Time to go listen to more Nirvana.
  5. Young Krist Novoselic looks exactly like Nick Viall from The Bachelorette.
    But actually, are they related?
  6. I feel so profoundly sad for this profoundly sad man.
    It hurts watching someone who you can just tell is missing something in his life that he's never going to find.
  7. Sorry everyone, but there's no understanding Kurt Cobain.
    He was clearly on his own, very unique, very brilliant wavelength. To quote Citizen Kane, "I don't think any word can explain a man's life." Just as Rosebud was just a piece in a jigsaw puzzle, so is this documentary.