The full book comes out July 14
  1. I'm already on board with our protagonist Jean Louise "Scout" Fincher.
    She's strong-willed, a feminist, and slightly clumsy. I like her!
  2. Harper Lee is a beautiful writer, and this definitely comes across in the excerpt.
  3. Is Henry Clinton a character from "To Kill a Mockingbird" that I forgot about??
    Nope, new character. Did anyone else want Dill to be her boyfriend? I guess there is a whole book to find out if he comes back into Scout's life.
  4. The Internet needs to stop comparing Harper Lee to George RR Martin.
    No she didn't kill off the Jon Snow character. The character has presumably been dead for years. This was not for shock value, which bring me to...
  5. Everyone also needs to keep in mind this book was written BEFORE "To Kill a Mockingbird."
    There will be no fan service and no tying up loose ends. Again in reference to the dead character, she wrote his death before she wrote his life. It's sad, but deal with it.
  6. I'm just glad Atticus is alive.
    Though he's not exactly well :(.
  7. As a reminder to ourselves, let's try not to compare this book to TKAM.
    GSAW is its own entity, and a promising one at that. Let's not set ourselves up for disappointment.
  8. Who will play Scout and Henry in the movie?
    I have no doubt this book was optioned upon announcement.
  9. Considering when this was written, Jean Louise is extremely progressive.
    Her last statement to Henry that made them "friends again" cracked me up. I can't stress enough how much I already like her.
  10. I can't wait to read the rest! Which will probably be months from now considering I didn't pre-order it...