Other than always
  1. Work
    Especially that last hour right before lunch. Mostly though I'm just bored and want to eat constantly at my desk.
  2. While I watch TV
    TV shows just aren't as good without some sort of snack (preferably chocolate).
  3. During long, all-day seminars
    You know what I'm talking about.. Those leadership seminars, orientations, etc that are about 8 hours long and break around 1pm for lunch. The first half I can't pay any attention because I really want lunch.
  4. At airports
    Maybe it's just all the food and candy options plus the long periods of waiting and doing nothing. I will hit up the food court and the nearest Hudson News for plane snacks.
  5. Beach vacations
    There is something about sitting in the sun all day without moving that really makes me look forward to the next meal. I always need chips and guac with my piña colada to tide me over before then.
  6. Right before the main course comes
    Yes I know.. Everyone is obviously hungry, but I'm truly a bear during this time. My eyes are constantly darting around looking for the food, and I am irritable and can't concentrate on conversations.
  7. At Whole Foods
    If I wasn't hungry walking in, I most definitely will be five minutes later.
  8. Reading Harry Potter
    The descriptions of the feasts are enough alone to make me want to go to Hogwarts. Once, my sisters and I made a Harry Potter themed dinner complete with butter beer and our own weird version of treacle tart. Needless to say it didn't taste as good as the books described the food to be.