The hits are popular for a reason, but these songs really deserve a lot more love, and at the very minimum, more listens.
  1. "The Prophet's Song" - Queen
    From the well-known album A Night At The Opera, this song by Brian May is a true masterpiece and one of Queen's longest songs (which is why it hardly gets radio time).
  2. "She's Leaving Home" - The Beatles
    The Beatles have so many incredible songs that deserve to be listened to, but I was listening to this song the other day and was struck by its beauty. It has a haunting melody with an amazing collaboration between McCartney and Lennon in the chorus.
  3. "When I Paint My Masterpiece" -Bob Dylan
    Both The Band and The Grateful Dead have covered this song, so it hasn't gone completely unheard. Still, if you really listen to the lyrics, it's actually a very powerful and sad song about distant dreams of a better life, if only you achieve that looming success you're constantly chasing after.
  4. "Tower of Babel" - Elton John
    From my favorite Elton John album, Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, this song has always stood out to me for some reason. It's extremely catchy, and it really shows off Lord Elton's vocal capabilities.
  5. "Breakfast in America" - Supertramp
    I'm listing this song mostly just for my generation and after, who only know the hook of this song from "Cupid's Chokehold," by Gym Class Heroes. Yes, that's a good example of song sampling, but please, for the sake of music, go listen to the original!
  6. "The Wall" - Kansas
    Intense, melodramatic, and melodic. I love this song.
  7. "Echoes" - Pink Floyd
    Again, it's not as if people have never heard this song, but it's definitely underrated compared to their other hits. It's a beautiful melody with impressive instrumentation. Plus, if you listen closely, you'll hear the 'echoes' (see what I did there?) of The Phantom of the Opera theme song. Nice try, Andrew Lloyd Weber, but Pink Floyd did it first.