Enough with the Spider-Man reboots already. Time to give some other characters a shot.
  1. The Beast
    After the love of his life, Belle, runs off with some asshole Gaston, The Beast embarks on a journey to learn how to control his anger. He's like the Hulk, but even scarier because he can't change back. This would be a dark, gritty antihero movie.
  2. Foxxy Cleopatra
    I only want this movie to exist if Beyoncé reprises her role made not too famous by the 3rd Austin Powers movie. 70s era, fabulous secret agent by day, vigilante by night, Foxxy, with her foxlike claws and whiplike tail, tears villains to shreds. Except not that graphic.
  3. Citizen Kane
    This film stars Charles Foster Kane, a rich newspaper mogul whose favorite sled was ripped away from him when he was just a poor child. Bent on revenge, he uses his money to become Citizen Kane, a masked hero who robs banks and helps the needy.
  4. Vincent Vega
    This guy really shouldn't be a hero at all... Only bad guys get shot while on the toilet (RIP Tywin). Still, doesn't his name sound like a secret identity? What double life were you leading, Vincent?
  5. Reggie Rocket
    Let's get a hero that young girls can look up to! Watch as our favorite purple-haired skater girl fights crime while wearing her magic, flying rollerblades. Sorry Otto, your name just isn't cool enough.
  6. Seth Cohen
    I definitely feel like Seth is a Peter Parker type. Though a high school nerd, he acquires a super power that allows him to fight the forces of evil with the help of his trusty sidekick Ryan. It would be better if his name were an alliteration, but I'll take what I can get here.
  7. Samwise Gamgee
    After his journey with Frodo comes to a close, Samwise mysteriously finds himself transported to modern day New York City. Now, this little furry footed mythical creature must overcome the odds to defeat an evil even greater than Sauron.
  8. The Wonder Twins
    Could be campy fun
    Suggested by @ChrisK