Full disclosure
  1. Saved all my daily contact lenses from the past two years in a plastic container next to my bed
    This was more out of laziness than fetish. I just didn't want them to litter my floor when I took them out and never emptied the container.
  2. Tried to sell the container of used contacts on eBay
    People are really strange, and I thought maybe someone would consider it modern art or something. I'll let you know if I manage to sell it.
  3. Go to the bathroom with the door open, oftentimes around people I just met
    It's lonely in there by myself.
  4. Read a book on the toilet for about 45 minutes until my butt hurts
    I've finished many books while on the toilet.
  5. Auditioned to be a Disney princess at Disneyland
    I do not remotely look like a Disney princess.
  6. Pick at and try to cut out my ingrown toenails myself
    This always ends painfully, but I can't stop.
  7. Sing songs and play with my boobs to the beat
    I was a late bloomer, so I'm still fascinated with my own boobs.
  8. Sat in on my friend's Brazilian wax
    She didn't care, and I was curious what it looked like from the outside.
  9. Watched Fantasia on Netflix by myself on a Saturday night without being high
    I just really like Fantasia
  10. Hoard cups in my room
    I take cups of water from the downstairs kitchen cabinet up to my room and then forget to bring them back down. My roommates are not happy.
  11. Sometimes forget to wash my hair for a week
    It doesn't get greasy, just frizzy.
  12. Listen to Bob Dylan music while reading the lyrics online
    This shouldn't be weird, and everyone should try it.
  13. Tried to poop in the ocean
    Too constipated though
    Suggested by @avery