I basically changed my mind every day, which isn't so different from me now as a grownup.
  1. Librarian
    My kindergarten self had a rational reason for this. Both my parents had glasses, so I assumed I would need glasses one day. The only way I would look good in glasses is if I wore my hair in a ponytail, and if I had glasses and a ponytail, I would look just like a librarian. Simple.
  2. Village Girl
    I wanted to be that girl in Disney's The Jungle Book who balanced a bucket of water on her head. I would practice with a bucket in the bathtub. This is terrible, but please don't judge me. I was five.
  3. Singer
    I went to this palm reader who told me that my career line and education line don't meet up, which means I won't need an education for my future career. I could carry a tune, so I thought becoming a singer was the most viable option.
  4. Veterinarian
    All my friends wanted to be veterinarians, so I thought it was just a rite of passage to want to be one. I was deathly afraid of dogs at the time, by the way.
  5. Pediatrician
    This was probably the least crazy of my aspirations. I really liked my doctor and I liked that she had an office in her home. A part of me wishes that I kept going for this one.
  6. Astrophysicist
    This was a random idea I had in high school. People love saying the expression "this isn't rocket science," so how hilarious would it be if I ACTUALLY became a rocket scientist? College physics squashed that dream.
  7. Author
    I loved reading, so I thought maybe I could write too. The farthest I got with this was a seven page pirate story I wrote in 6th grade. To be honest, I was fascinated with pirates and I'd put "Pirate" on this list if I wasn't a very pragmatic child.