This is maybe one of the worst feelings in the history of all feelings.
  1. If it's still early in the night, take NyQuil stat.
    I don't recommend this if you have to get up for work in 6 hours or less. Otherwise, NyQuil away!
  2. Sleep on your back.
    It helps clear the sinuses.
  3. If sleeping on your back isn't enough, prop yourself up with a few pillows.
    This will help you breath even better.
  4. If only one nostril is stuffed and it's driving you crazy, stick a wad of tissue in it.
    This may seem counterintuitive, but you can't breath out of it anyway. For some reason, blocking it off with something that has nothing to do with your cold is mentally soothing.
  5. Do not panic!
    This will just make breathing harder. Just slowly breath in and out through your mouth if necessary. You will eventually drift off to sleep.
  6. If sleep is just not happening, read a book until you are so exhausted you'll fall asleep, nose stuffed or not.
    Sometimes you can't fight it if your body just isn't going to sleep. Read a book and distract yourself from that nasty ass cold.