Thanks for the request @rhvrabec. I'll consider allowing you a spot in my pirate gang.
  1. Amal Clooney
    Mrs. Clooney is a boss at everything she does, so let's add sea pillaging to the mix. Amal and I would rock as best friend pirates.
  2. Princess Zelda
    Remember in Wind Waker when Zelda was an ass-kicking pirate? Well, I want her aboard. Especially as Shiek, that girl can fight.
  3. Xander Harris
    Xander will help keep up morale with his humor and loyalty. It doesn't hurt that he also has an eye patch now so will fit right in.
  4. Ned Stark
    Just because we're pirates doesn't mean we don't have a code. Who better to help us abide by the pirate code than the honorable Ned Stark? He should bring that sword of his too.
  5. Ursula
    My crew needs a sea creature on our side to act is a liaison. Davy Jones is boring, so let's go with the dopest sea witch out there.
  6. Dwayne Johnson
    We need muscle in my gang. No one is going to fuck with my ship when we have The Rock on board.
  7. Vladimir Putin
    I feel like if Vlad were to end up on board with a group of ragtag pirates, he'd learn the meaning of friendship, hard work, and love. Maybe that's all he really needed all along.
  8. Johnny Depp
    I just think it would be funny to see the REAL Johnny Depp on a pirate ship. Something tells me he wouldn't be quite up to Jack Sparrow snuff. He can mop the poop deck.
  9. Kristin Stewart
    I just have a feeling she'd be a badass with a sword. Plus, KStew would really rock a pirate outfit.
  10. Michel Huisman
    What's a pirate gang without a torrid love affair? That's where Michel Huisman comes in. I'm the badass captain, and he's the rogue first mate who breaks through my emotional barriers.
  11. Bob Dylan
    My pirate crew will be needing a ship troubadour. Dylan can write lyrically brilliant songs about our adventures on the sea. We shall go down in history as the greatest pirate gang in the history of piratedom!