Watched the play in the cinema last night
  1. Kenneth Branagh- I should preface this by saying just how much I adore him and will love him forever. He was fabulous. He portrayed jealousy and rage so well. That demon that consumes us when present, he had it.And those tears, those tears I wanted to wipe away those tears for him with kisses.
  2. Dame Dench- I thought Judi was well cast. She was stable, kind, straight talking and not fearful of the king. Her character was that of the woman that we all perceive Judy to be as a person. It was a pleasure to watcher in the role.
  3. The rest of the cast were all very beautiful. Every main character was either young and beautiful or older and sensible. Except for Autolycus (sorry)
  4. The set- the set in the first Act was stunning. So beautiful, so well@designed and constructed. The shepherd's farm was less studied I thought.
  5. The play- such an intense first act and we were all gripped. Then it felt like we'd gone into a scene from the Beverly hillbillies which seemed so incongruous, and then it was all so quickly wrapped up. I would've liked a bit more of Ken.
  6. All in all I really enjoyed the performance. It is obvious why it isn't one of the biggest of Shakespeare's plays, but it was worth going to see just for Ken and Judi.
  7. Miranda Raison was beautiful and loving and betrayed and noble in her role.