Best to worst
  1. Justin
  2. JC
    His solo career took on a strange trajectory post N*SYNC. He had an objectively better voice than all the other guys in the band but he did weird things with it ("All Day Long I Dream About Sex").
  3. Lance
    He never sang solo and he was the worst dancer. Lance was realistic though! He played to his strengths(?) and did other things like acting ("7th Heaven"/"On the Line") and trying to go to space(?!). Oh and he's a gay now!
  4. Joey
    Also never sang. Did Dancing With the Stars (I don't want to exert the energy to look up whether or not he did). Did some Broadway, a hair loss commercial, the Spelling Bee, and a Food Network show. Other than Justin, Joey might be the band member getting the most consistent work. Get that money, Joey. Stack that cheese.
  5. Chris
    Sang a solo line once or twice. Okay voice, dumb hair. Might have been in his late 30s during the band's prime. Did "Mission: Manband", remember that?