The sandwich is a perfect food. It is my favorite food and this is a mostly NY centric list to celebrate it. Sandwiches should always be cold fare with few and very specific exceptions (see below). This is a definitive list, thank you. PS: A hot wrap is not a sandwich, it's a weak burrito and I thank you to keep your garbage mouth away from me.
  1. Lamoretti from Lamazou in Kips Bay. Ciabatta, roast beef, white cheddar, cornichons, lettuce, tomato, mayo.
    This is the perfect sandwich.
  2. # 1 Classic Banh Mi from Joju in Elmhurst, Queens. Baguette, ham, head cheese, pickled carrot/daikon, cucumber, cilantro, pâté spread.
    One time I ate here and my sister pointed out that there was a cockroach on the wall near my head. I stood up as a reflexive response to being faced with filth but then immediately sat down again because sandwich.
  3. #29 from Press 195 in Bayside, Queens. Ciabatta, sliced steak, chimichurri, provolone, onions. (Add avocado).
  4. Daughter's Delight from Russ and Daughters. Sesame bagel, overpriced salmon and caviar, add onion, tomato, and capers.
  5. A tuna salad triple decker on toasted rye
    You can get it at any diner and it's pretty hard to mess up.
  6. Grilled cheese
    Plain American cheese on white bread will do. Also acceptable: pesto and mozzarella, choice of bread.
  7. Egg and Cheese
    Any variation of this with bread of your choosing. Additions can be made.