Here are places to get away with crying.
  1. Barnes and Noble
    Find an aisle (the Jewish studies section is usually the most empty). If you hear foot steps you can easily hop into another aisle. If you don't make it, it's all right because then you look like a really sensitive and empathetic person.
  2. Any clothing store
    Grab a couple of shirts (doesn't have to be your size). Head to the fitting room and sob into them. The more clothes you grab, the more the clothing will mute the volume of your crying!
  3. A park
    Pick a bench, throw some sunglasses on, and have at it.
  4. Starbucks
    Between the homeless people bathing in the bathroom and the insane European tourists, a crying man/woman isn't thaaat bad.
  5. Movie theaters
    Pick a high-octane action flick, preferably one with lots of cars crashing and buildings crumbling. Time your heaving sobs to match the noises of the film. Bonus: crying in the dark.